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Located in Gainsborough in the United Kingdom we are start up design and manufacturer of DC motor controllers for use in vehicles.  We produce 80 to 240 kW DC controllers for battery packs ranging from 150V to 200V and currents from 400 to 1200 amperes. On board battery chargers to 40 amperes. Linux powered display systems and BMS (Battery Monitoring System) for Lithium chemistry batteries. Available September 2016. 


The designers and production managers have vast experience in space and defence electronics and apply these standards to the products offered by gensis. The whole gensis system operates with 4 identical microprocessor units operating at 64Mhz and communicate via a RS232 multidrop 3 wire serial bus. 


gensis systems are engineered with triple redundant safety monitoring, encoded communications and cyclic redundancy checks between microprocessors, defensive programming techniques and operational temperatures of -40 to +85 degrees Celsius. Only approved manufacturers and distributors supply gensis with branded traceable components to ensure reliable and long term operation at all times.


A gensis complete system starts from £2800 + VAT, (controller, charger and BMS) to which you just have to add a DC motor (£1300) and lithium battery pack (minimum spec, 150V 100ah , £2400) which means together with your current vehicle you could be enjoying driving an all electric vehicle for less than £6500 + VAT that will last for 20 years and never pay for petrol ever again ! You know it makes sense to choose gensis.


gensis is not a car manufacturer, it provides all the components you require to convert your own car at less than 1/3 the cost of purchasing a new electric vehicle but is better in performance and as it uses new parts - lasts as long as a new electric vehicle and you get to choose what you drive.

You or someone has to convert the vehicle, a small amount of mechanical knowledge is good and what you don´t know you can learn and what you can´t understand you can ask gensis.

In the links we give you plenty of reading material (Here) to show you what is involved and how easy it is and examples of the conversion process.

Budget around 80 man/woman hours to convert a petrol/diesel vehicle or six full weekends, after all it´s more interesting than watching TV.

You can convert it in your garage, convert it on your drive or convert it on the street. Just convert it now !


DC Motorcontroller gensis one two three

Regardless of voltage or power output all controllers share the same 64Mhz processor board and features throughout the range. Power devices and gate drivers are selected to give the best performance at the power levels expected. All are housed together in one unit.


Display  gensis display & linux

A mixture of open source and propriety software generates a graphical display with touchscreen capability bring levels of technology usually reserved for large scale manufacturers. Updates of software for all systems (controller, charger and bms) operate through this realtime linux operating system.


On Board Charger gensis charge

The 8kw on board charger is capable of charging at 40 amps into a 200 volt battery pack. 50 Khz IGBT switch mode  on board lightweight charge module is interfaced to the BMS, display and motor controller through inductive  isolation


BMS gensis monitor

The gensis  BMS (battery monitoring System) is designed to be adaptable for all chemistries of lithium. The BMS

module monitors 48 cells and then reports back through a supervisor microprocessor which controls the gensis charge on board charger. Interlocked with the display and motor controller. This unit controls passive state of charge balance control

Ford Probe V concept with a cd of 0.137

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This start up enterprise concentrates it´s resources on it´s product and development so there isn´t much left over for everything else at the moment hence we have a free domain, a free DNS server and a free website host.

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