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gensis monitor BMS battery management system

BMS or battery management system is at the sharp end of looking after your  Lithium cells well being. The gensis monitor BMS controls the gensis charger and balances and monitors each cell in the pack individually. The BMS also acts as SOC state of charge indicator for the gensis display and also notifies the controller of out of bounds situations including for example cell under-voltage and cell over temperature. The BMS prevents operation of the motor controller whilst on charge. Charge data can be examined in real time with either the gensis display or (optional) RS232 ethernet wireless link.

gensis monitor BMS is just one module  serving max 48 cells  for a typical EV battery pack ranging from 150 Volts to 200 Volts dependent on lithium chemistry. Wiring requirements are minimised to just one twin pair cable per cell of 0.5mm2 conductor size.

Fail safes are included throughout the design together with specific battery chemistry charging algorithms.

Higher voltage packs are enabled by series linking units, contact gensis for further details (option)

  • 48 cell per module
  • Passive balancing 48 cells at 1-2 amp
  • Inductive isolated RS232 communications
  • Separate monitoring microcontroller with twin  supervisor chips
  • RS232 comms to gensis charger, controller and display
  • 200 Volt maximum battery pack voltage
  • Simple wiring
  • Gas gauge monitoring via gensis display
  • Wireless Ethernet link (optional) TCP/IP (option) browser
  • Auto charge option based on battery temperature prior mileage and SOC to preserve battery charge cycles
  • Metal shielded to comply with RFI/EMI directives
  • Fan cooled
  • CE marked
  • Full test and 24 hour burn in before dispatch Charging algorithm pre programmed
  • pdf manual and 3 year warranty

gensis monitor BMS    48 Cell Module and Supervisor Charger Controller

Target Price  825.00 +VAT   (Dec 2016)