gensis edrive controllers

gensis battery charger specification

On board charger housed in a fan cooled enclosure. The microprocessor controlled unit has pre charge and post charge resistor relays combined with pre and post contactors (input / output). Maximum delivery of 40 amps at max 200 Volts dc. Under voltage bus lockout together with lightning surge protection.  Full communication link with supply side to establish charge point power available. With no communication the unit defaults to 13 amps (emergency charge rate). Charge cycle controlled by BMS system i.e current mode charging followed by steady voltage mode charging. Inductive isolated differential control lines.

gensis charge

  • 8kW on board charger. Current and voltage control modes
  • 64 Mhz Microprocessor controlled with twin supervisor chips
  • Isolated high frequency E core ferrite transformer
  • 50kHz silent operation with high speed  parallel IGBT transistors
  • Fan cooled
  • Isolated RS232 communications via inductive bridge
  • Primary side under voltage lockout
  • Primary side over voltage and surge lockout.On board Mcb isolator/trip
  • Pre and post contactors
  • Pre and post capacitor charge relays
  • Balance cycle under BMS direction
  • Charge cycle operated by BMS supervisor microprocessor
  • 13 / 20 /40 amp charge rates automatic selection
  • Over temperature charge rate reduction or lockout.
  • Output short circuit lockout in 3 microseconds
  • 3 second ramp up to full charge current
  • Required Input is 34 A at 240 V RMS via 40A MCB (e.g. shared electric shower supply) at consumer box. Cable wiring and weatherproof socket installation (optional) can be performed by Ligence Ltd.
  • All electronics and cables metal shielded to comply with RFI/EMI EC directives
  • CE Marked
  • Full operational test and 24 hour burn in before dispatch
  • 3rd party access via RS232 to current/voltage control and all parameters and fault signals contact gensis for details.
  • Pdf manual and 3 year warranty

gensis charge   available October 2016 Target price £1190 + Vat