gensis edrive controllers

Motor Controller Specification

3 Versions are available from September 2016

gensis one 80kW   gensis two 160kW   gensis three 240kW

Designed to be operated at a maximum battery pack of 200 Volts at 400 -1200 Amps, This gives 80 - 240kW of power (107 - 320 Hp) at the motor. 

This is a continuous rating for 1 minute  restricted by the DC Motor temperature. The Kostov K9HV (recommended for gensis one) dc motor has a peak power rating of (conservative) 80kW and a 60 minute rating of 32kW (43 Hp) although this would propel most cars in excess of 80mph on the flat (Power is used during acceleration only eg 10 second bursts or less). 

gensis two should use K9HV, K11HV or K13  Kostov models.  

gensis three only dual motors should be used either the dual 9 or dual 11 in parallel configuration available from Kostov motors (see links)

We do not recommend using low battery pack voltages below 150 Volts due to I2R losses and overheating of motors. In the short term lower battery pack voltages can be used but will impact on battery life if current drawn exceeds the manufacturers recommendation.

  • Max Battery Pack Voltage 200 Volts DC
  • Min Battery Pack Voltage 150 Volts DC
  • Max Power 80kw /160kW /240kW     (107 / 214 / 320 Hp)
  • Max Amps 400 / 800 / 1200
  • 2kHz to 14kHz operational load  and temperature dependent
  • Single, double, triple IGBT Module with fan cooled heat sink
  • 64Mhz Microprocessor Controller with Supervisor Chip
  • Rev limit and cruise control
  • Current limit adjustable on move
  • High pedal lockout
  • Throttle loss detection
  • Analogue acceleration ramp adjustable
  • Motor stall detection
  • Main contactor operation after pre-charge
  • IGBT fault monitor with auto gate drive shutdown within 3 microseconds
  • Power fail/instability shutdown
  • RS232 multidrop  communications for gensis display, BMS and Charger
  • Pre-charge relay and resistors included.
  • Basic Functional display of motor sensors (temp, rev, amps) and warning lamps (power fail, stall, IGBT temp, contactor) included.
  • All electronics and cables RFI/EMI metal shielded conforming to EC directives
  • CE marked
  • 24 hour burn in before dispatch
  • pdf manual and 3 year warranty
  • Resistor braking kit (option)
  • Field weakening kit processor controlled (option)

gensis one 80kW           Target price £800 +Vat (Sept 2016)

gensis two 160kW          Target price £1100 + Vat (Sept 2016)

gensis three 240kW       Target price £1500 +Vat  (Dec 2016)