gensis edrive controllers


Below is a small list of Links that gensis recommend and our partners in this project.

evalbum.com                                over 4000 electric vehicles listed from all                                                      around the world a good source for ideas.

kostov-motors.com                      DC motors for electric vehicles

eu.org                                           Free domains

                                                     You can pick any name followed by .eu.org                                                      except those already taken i.e.                                                      gensis.eu.org  you can´t have that one.

clouDNS                                        Free DNS

                                                      Once you have your new name at the                                                        EU.org, you need to point EU.org servers                                                       at your servers at clouDNS. Eu.org only                                                       provide names not the link between name                                                       and host and www thats what the DNS                                                       server does. The DNS server does not                                                       provide a free hosting service so you go                                                       to....

zohosites                                      Free Web Hosting

                                                     Now you sign up for your free site then                                                      point your clouDNS DNS servers to                                                      zohosites as explained by zoho in their                                                      domain help if you get a bit confused ask                                                      the guys at clouDNS to give your DNS                                                      settings the once over. I did.